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Exhibitor Press Release Display Service
For greater exposure, exhibitors may display their press release(s) in the Press Centre at the fairground. The Press Centre is open to all attending journalists throughout the fair.
  • Please complete the form below on or before 5 November 2021 (Friday) to a reserve display space in advance.
    2021115日(周五)或以前填妥“参展商新闻稿展示服务” 。
  • Please bring printed and electronic (saved in flash drive) copies of your press release to the Press Centre at Exhibition Center during the afternoon of 23 November 2021 (Tuesday) (one day prior to the opening).
    于2021 年11月23日(周二)下午, 即开展前一天把印刷或电子文档(U盘)的新闻稿递交至展会现场的新闻中心。
  • Space is limited on a “first-come-first-served” basis.
Please fill in the information below in English or Chinese. Confidential information shall not be provided.
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Terms and conditions​​ / 条款和细则:
  • The press release's content should relate to the company’s products or services. No product catalogues will be accepted. The organiser will review the press release's content before displaying and reserve the final decision on whether the press release is displayed.
  • Due to the limited space for the display units, one booth number can reserve one display unit only on a first-come-first-served basis.
    由于展示空间有限,每个展位只有一个名额,请尽快提交申表格, 先到先得。
  • The location of where the press releases are placed at the Press Centre is subject to the organiser’s arrangement. The exhibitor has no right to choose.
  • We collect the requested data which you enter in the form. We also store your IP address with your access time in order to verify your submission.
  • Our privacy policy:
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